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Self-Transforming Machine Elves - Steves Green Thing (CD)


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  1. Thank you for visiting - with gratitude! Fave if you like it, add comments below, get beautiful HDR prints at talitcompsapostreathighdeadguterconscomp.coinfo. We just went to see Ex Machina, a brilliant movie around the Turing Test - the assertion is, at the point when a human can't tell if a machine is human or not, the machine is said to have passed the test. This movie is not just for geeks, one surprising plot after the.
  2. Posted in art, quotes, something to be considered with tags ATHF, imagination, our future, past, self-transforming machine elves, time killer, warped on April 23, by Curly McSweeter.
  3. He renamed himself Machinelf, after the hyperdimensional self-transforming machine elves described by Terence McKenna regarding his visions while smoking DMT. In Machinelf co-funded the Devotional Ministry of Trance, a religion devoted to the core belief that spiritual enlightenment can come from dancing to trance music.
  4. Aug 06,  · These are serious hyperdelic drones from the vast depths of space. This is what Terence McKenna’s self-transforming machine elves listen to on their little self-transforming turntables. Do not listen to this while driving or while operating heavy machinery, lest you become one with the heavy machine figuratively and spiritually, man.
  5. Terence Kemp McKenna (November 16, – April 3, ) was an American ethnobotanist, mystic, psychonaut, lecturer, author, and an advocate for the responsible use of naturally occurring psychedelic talitcompsapostreathighdeadguterconscomp.coinfo spoke and wrote about a variety of subjects, including psychedelic drugs, plant-based entheogens, shamanism, metaphysics, alchemy, language, philosophy, culture, technology Born: November 16, , Paonia, Colorado, United States.